Appointment with God

12 Apr 2016

Summer 2016 sees us hear God speak from the book of Exodus chapters 16-24. In the first fifteen chapters we saw God's great rescue of his people - but the book doesn't end there. The LORD creates a new people to be His Son, His...

Children at Church by the Bay

23 Mar 2016

This term our children have been following the sermon series in Exodus and the Psalms  - the week after the adults and the young people. Here's a taste of the brilliant things they've seen in Exodus and how the Exodus is a picture of the...

The Real Easter

11 Mar 2016

What really happened 2000 years ago?Why does it matter today? Join us on Easter Sunday March 27th for a very special service: From 10am Easter crafts for kids and refreshments for everyone Easter Sunday Church service for all ages A talk on why Jesus' resurrection is such good news for...

The Great Escape

05 Jan 2016

Spring 2016 sees us hear God speak from the book of Exodus - God's great rescue of his people. We'll be hearing the first 15 chapters - the story of the second greatest ever escape, as God brings His people out of slavery in Egypt....

Christians Against Poverty

04 Jan 2016

Church by the Bay are runnning a Christians Against Poverty money course, starting 7pm, Thursday 7th January, at Galloway's (91 Balmoral Road, LA3 1SS). This is a three week course that teaches people a simple system for budgeting and saving. This isn’t just for people in...


03 Jan 2016

The Bible teaches that local church is what God is doing in the world, and we're thrilled to have a growing family of people committed to gospel partnership here in Morecambe. If you've been coming to Church by the Bay for a while, or if...

Pub Quiz

03 Jan 2016

Invite friends and join us at 8pm on Friday January 29th at the Clarendon (corner of Marine Road West and Albert Road) for a Pub Quiz and a short talk from the Bible about the big questions of life. Come with a team or just form...


01 Jan 2016

Church by the Bay men play footy on Tuesday evenings 8pm at the Globe (not Morecambe's actual stadium - yet - the pitches round the back). Plenty of parking. Cost between £2-3.50. All welcome. Standard variable. Friendly atmosphere. Bad tackles accidental. Pub afterwards. Contact us for...

Happy New Year!

31 Dec 2015

Happy New Year everyone! This Christmas we had a great time hearing the good news of the baby Jesus, God with us born to save us from our sins and born to rule as Wonderful Counsellor and Mighty God. Here's a thought-provoking video for you to enjoy...

Christianity Explored

18 Dec 2015

One Life. What's it all about? Christianity Explored is an opportunity to do just that: explore Christianity. Watch the trailer...

Over 6 weeks, it's a great opportunity to see how Jesus' life makes all the difference to your life.  Starts Thursday 4th February 2015.

More details here.