Summer BBQ

13 Jul 2017

On Sunday 16th July everyone is welcome to a free BBQ at our Church building: 91 Balmoral Road. From 12:30 onwards. With games for kids. Join us for Church first 10:00 at West End Primary, or just come along for the BBQ. We'd love to see...

Sunday Funday 2017

26 Jun 2017

We had an excellent Sunday Funday...Here are some of the pics:

Sunday funday video from Gerry Straker on Vimeo.


2016-2017 Review

25 Jun 2017

AGM 2017 from Gerry Straker on Vimeo.

Here's some pictures from our Church year 2016-2017. We thank God for His work among us!


Church Weekend

23 Jun 2017

We welcome Paul Baxendale, pastor of Parr Street, Kendal to our Church weekend, preaching on John chapters 3 and 4.

Talks will be online here!

Sunday Funday

02 Jun 2017

Join us for our Sunday Funday! 2pm-4pm on Sunday 18th June at West End Primary. We've lots of things to enjoy including: Hot dogs Ice cream Tea and cake Bouncy castles Sports Crafts Kids talk Find out a bit about Church by the Bay A chance to ask us any question Everything's free. Everyone's welcome. (Under 14s please...


01 Jun 2017

What are the struggles God's people face today? What are the pressure points? In James, we find that the ancient problem there is just the same for us: worldliness. Less obvious, perhaps, than some other struggles, but very dangerous. James teaches us we have true riches in...

Sorrow turned into joy

26 Apr 2017

The world seems unbeatable, almost invincible, and Christians can find themselves wondering: where is God? In Esther we find a book in the Bible that deliberately does not mention God. We find God's people oppressed in the powerful Persian Empire. And yet Esther shows how...

Anxiety Support

25 Apr 2017

Many people struggle in different ways with mental health. At Church by the Bay, we want to acknowledge the reality of people's struggles and for people to know they are not alone in the battle. God has given us His Word, His people and prayer...

New talk series

09 Feb 2017

Today, there are many voices today amongst churches and Christians offering us the next step, or the next new thing, or a new theology - something better than what we have.  It was ever thus! As we're going to see in Colossians, the Church in...

The World We All Want

03 Feb 2017

The World We All Want is a 5 week course that gives you the chance to see for yourself that the Bible has good news for you. The course takes a sweeping look through the unfolding story of the Bible and shows how all the things...