Amos: Prepare to Meet your God

21 Jul 2017

What's the future got in store? What will it be like to meet God?

In Amos, we find a complacent people, worshipping God in ways he had forbidden, and instead of loving their neighbours, trampling on them! They think that because they are God's people, they are safe! Well, Amos has an unwelcome message for them: a message of certain judgement - justice will fall. And only after judgement is there a message of hope.

Over the summer on Sunday mornings, our home preaching group are tackling this book  - and we're going to see just how relevant it is today for God's people, for whom judgement seems to be a dirty word. Will we worship a god of our own invention, or the God who tells us what He is like - a God of love who must punish sin? (A god who doesn't punish sin isn't loving!) Will we turn to Jesus to take our punishment or face it ourselves?

Sunday 30th JulyAmos 1-2
Sunday 6th AugustAmos 3-4
Sunday 13th AugustAmos 5-6
Sunday 20th August Amos 7-8
Sunday 27th AugustAmos 9

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