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What are the struggles God's people face today? What are the pressure points?

In James, we find that the ancient problem there is just the same for us: worldliness. Less obvious, perhaps, than some other struggles, but very dangerous.

James teaches us we have true riches in Christ: to help us if we're facing the trial of poverty; to stop us striving after worldly things; to stop us striving against others; and, instead to care for our brothers and sisters practically and in our speech.
What Christ has done for us should change our lives: faith works.

This Summer, join us as we dig into the very practical book of James:

Sunday 11th June James 1:1-18
Sunday 18th June James 1:19-2:13
Sunday 25th June Guest Speaker John 4
Sunday 2nd July James 2:14-26
Sunday 9th July James 3:1-12
Sunday 16th July James 3:13-4:17
Sunday 23rd July James 5:1-20

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